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Road Journey Route Impossible
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The only impossible journey is the one you never begin

​The new year is now in full swing, and if you are thinking that now is the right time for you to move on, or you’re in some doubt then perhaps we can guide you to the right decision.

The first step is to think about why you want to move on - progression, more money, a better experience or life balance?

Once you start, be realistic about what to expect from the process. The outcome will be a successful and exciting one if you recognise that it’s not an easy or quick fix, and that you need to put some time and effort into your search.

Discussing your aspirations with a close friend might help you define what it is you are looking for. You should also ask yourself if you have the right skills or do you need to improve these, and how you will do this?

At Charisma every CV that is submitted is viewed by our Specialist Consultants personally.

We can offer Career clinics to candidates who need help with their search and this includes effective ways to get you through the application process:

  • Writing your CV

  • The supporting statement

  • Interview techniques

You won’t know until you start.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Good Luck