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Working From Home
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HR resilience through Covid-19 and beyond

​The last couple of months have been challenging for organisations on many fronts, not least the effect it has had on staffing, working arrangements and the effect on employees and teams following the introduction of the previously unknown term ‘furloughing’

In response to the conversations we have shared with organisations over the last few weeks, we wanted to facilitate the networking and sharing of ideas with insight from sector peers on how they have coped during the pandemic, the plans they have put in place to maintain the necessary team structures to deliver organisational priorities and how they have supported both employers and employees through this period.

We were pleased to welcome three excellent speakers with expertise in people management and operations, to share their experiences and how they have reacted to the changes, plus their plans for the months ahead.

  • Patricia Mbasani, Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development, Royal Trinity Hospice.

  • Jane van Zyl, CEO, Working Families

  • Jon Forde, Interim HR Consultant, RSPCA

The key messages from our speakers fell into two phases:-

  • Unlock / Short-term / Now

  • Longer-term / The new normal

Which included

  • Regular Communication is key · Address everyone individually - not everyone responds or reacts in the same way - know your people.

  • Greater awareness of the mental health of our employees, both now and when we return to work in what will undoubtedly be a changed environment ·

  • Flexibility, adaptability, empowerment, and trust ·

  • Getting it right will have a significant impact on your team, especially when we return to the new normal, but getting it wrong will be greater ·

  • Recognise that as well as challenges to overcome, there will be new opportunities such as smarter and more collaborative working in our teams ·

  • Kindness both in the community and our teams is stronger than ever

Feedback from some of our attendees included

‘The speakers were excellent. I have definitely gained knowledge and been reassured that we are all very much on the same page. Thank you all!

‘Got some good ideas of how to manage current situation and more importantly more about the 'what next' element’

‘The speakers offered a practical approach and tangible solutions’

Thank you to everyone who took part. If you wish to be involved in future events please get in touch