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Creative Approaches To The Fundraising Landscape
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Creative Approaches to the Fundraising Landscape

​Charity teams have adapted their creative approach to fundraising, to ensure that support continues, donors are nurtured, and services are delivered, but what does the future fundraising landscape really look like?

Some charity shops and outdoor attractions are opening with strict social distancing arrangements, whilst other not-for-profit organisations that rely on footfall for their revenue are still uncertain about dates for their reopening. All have had to look at other ways to maintain existing support and reach out in different ways to find new income streams.

We recently invited Charity leaders, and Directors of Development and Fundraising to attend a Charisma Conversations webinar, where we invited three Charity experts from different corners of the charity sector to discuss their approach, their plans for the months ahead and what they believe the fundraising landscape looks like for them: 

“Reaffirm your Meaning: - what is the relevance of your organisation in society /the community now – reconsider the strengths of your brand and your purpose. Reconsider Communication – it’s not a one size fits all - use a range of voices to reach different audiences. Use Innovation - one of the challenges going forward is how to bring the human face of fundraising into the digital sphere and Retain Stability through quality of service and consistence across everything you do” 
Rachel Leaman, Director of Fundraising, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance 

"We are in a period of return and re-imagination; evaluate what has worked and incorporate this in your ‘new world’. Keep core donors and supporters in the loop. ‘Friendraising’ – fundraising is all about building relationships -be empathetic towards your donors, to keep them in your ‘family’ - Your narrative should include reasons why you need their support. Tell donors what impact their support has and how their money can make a difference. And have an understanding of what challenges your donors might be facing. Embrace the digital world, but for returning visitors reassure that they are coming back to a safe environment and make sure it is welcoming and comfortable. Be agile, honest and clever in your messaging and remember everyone in your organisation is a fundraiser.”
Dr Andrew Higgins, Director of Development, Imperial War Museums 

“Tech has been a huge friend to us, keeping in touch - briefing staff, volunteers, beneficiaries and donors has been so important – look creatively at ways of using MS Teams, Zoom and other platforms to talk to existing and new supporters. For example we were able to connect key speakers with groups across the country using Zoom. Positive, good new stories worked well for us. In addition, recognising and using practical use of goodwill gestures can go far.”
Michele Jennings, Chief Executive, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People 

Attendee feedback was extremely encouraging, and we were pleased that they found the experiences of the speakers to be very valuable

“Very valuable. Good to be able to hear of some of the challenges other professional fundraisers have been facing this time.”

“Thank you - really great and useful session”

“A brilliant session. Thanks to all panelists and as always to Charisma for facilitating conversations like these!”

Thank you to everyone who took part. 

If you missed the webinar and would like more information, or have a question for the team at Charisma please get in touch via the from below or by emailing 

We look forward to hearing from you.