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Charisma Conversations Board Senior Management Team Relationship
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Charisma Conversations: The board and SMT relationship

The latest Charisma Conversations Webinar discussed the relationship between The Board and Senior Executive Team and how to ensure that they are united with the same common purpose across an organisation.

Communicate Communicate Communicate

Our sector experts Debra Allcock Tyler and D’Arcy Myers were able to share their insights and answer questions around


“in the absence of information people create their own stories” Keep in touch at least once a week, by telephone email or Zoom.

Now is not forever

Be careful of making changes or commitment now - consider how the landscape might be in 3 months/6 months’ time

Don’t worry about the things that don’t exist- Sense check your thought processes and find an honest broker

Everyone is seeking the same end - to serve your beneficiaries. 

Recognise who the expert is 


Your organisation needs a powerful entrusting and challenging board. Don’t preserve the way things are now or try to shoehorn yourself into your predecessor’s style.

Be flexible - Focus on the priorities and offer practical solutions

Getting the best

Find a way to nurture and train a Trustee- be supportive not critical and pull out their passion and commitment. Offer them a buddy if they’re new to trustee role.

Be pragmatic

A good Trustee is diligent, committed and asks questions. 

Focus on the work that needs to be done and be practical when appraising the board- use conversation and questioning. 

Managing conflict

Understand how each other interprets the Vision, Mission and Values of the charity

Use different approaches to engage - for example using presentations in board meetings rather than shared documents, will enable you to discuss and align.

If you or the board doesn’t have the knowledge – find someone who does, seek the right advice at the right time.

Avoid resistance and talk about the future, for the future

Communicate decisions widely, but appropriately

Communication was a key factor throughout the discussions and attendees were able to ask for guidance on their own particular concerns across the various areas, both from a CEO’s and a Trustee’s perspective.

“Really insightful session and good to have real experience and expertise shared”

Praise Ask Listen- PAL

An effective Trustee is diligent, committed and asks questions – is a PAL – Praise, Ask, Listen, and a powerful Board is challenging and entrusting. But they need nurturing

“Super Session, honest and pragmatic”

“Valuable learning”

Charisma Conversations next webinar will be held on Thursday 15th October at 11am. Our webinars are arranged exclusively for Chief Executives and Trustees and we bring sector experts together to give advice and share experiences on current and pertinent topics 

“Excellent because the discussion came from sound experience of the sector – thank you”

If you would like more information, or to discuss your recruitment requirements please get in touch simply using the contact form below or call 0207 998 8888 or 01962 813300 for a confidential chat. 

We look forward to hearing from you.