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A new brand for Charisma

  • Publish Date: Posted 7 months ago
  • Author:by Charisma Charity Recruitment

This week marks the first year anniversary of Adam Stacey at the helm of the business, although he had worked at Charisma for 3 years prior to taking full ownership. We felt this was the perfect time to think about what Charisma does and where we are headed, so it was time for a rebrand.

What does a rebrand do for a business?

When any organisation decides to rebrand, it is usually for reasons beyond colours and aesthetics. It is an outward visual sign that reflects an internal decision to rethink its marketing strategy or reflect changes within the business. The development of a new differentiated identity sets an intention to go forward, for an organisation to achieve its goals and own a brand that represents this plan and strengthens the team.

What drove our rebrand? 

Our old brand wasn’t showing who we are as a business, we needed to refresh to make it appealing and fit for purpose in 2023. We’re a modern, personable, and professional organisation delivering highly exceptional recruitment services. We partner with organisations to shape their recruitment processes to ensure that they are effective, resilient, and robust.  We work with candidates to help shape their careers, next steps, and progression in the sector. 

We, therefore, wanted to take the theme of shaping your career and shaping approaches to develop a brand that could stand alongside the prestigious organisations we represent.

“We’ve invested back into the business in the last 12 months, off the back of two record years in a row to ensure that we can continue to deliver the highest level of service to our current, new and growing list of clients and candidates.”

Adam Stacey, Managing Director

Shaping recruitment

We wanted a mix of shapes and colours because we represent clients and candidates that come from different backgrounds and experiences. We know that one size does not fit all. We can adapt, flex, tone up or down, to ensure we are a suitable extension of the client or candidate we are representing.

We shape recruitment processes to be fit for purpose for organisations and we shape approaches for individuals to flourish in their careers.

Colour choice

The dark blue and yellow, that has been associated with Charisma for 21 years, was tweaked slightly to ensure a much more complimentary tone and we introduced the new green colour.  This needed to sit comfortably alongside the modern brands that we represent, and our old logo no longer did that for us.

We also wanted to develop the shapes we have been using over the last two years to reflect a clean approach, but also with the mix of shapes and colours to represent the breadth of work, we do. A vibrant avatar or favicon that remains subtle but reflects the personality of the people within the business and the organisations we represent.  

How does the brand reflect the team?

The choices we made had the values and personality that run through the Charisma team: engaging, personable and professional. It’s subtle but you’ll begin to notice over the coming weeks and months that each team member as their own avatar with the Charisma brand that is personal to them.

It’s been a full process developing the branding over the last few months, working closely as a team to ensure we were comfortable with a new and bolder approach.

Looking ahead this is about our future development and having a brand and systems fit for purpose.  Since Adam took over, we have changed all our systems, and this will culminate with a fresh website to complement the new branding by the end of the year.

Our changes have been born out of a need to keep pace with the fast-moving recruitment market in the charity sector, to help shape robust processes that deliver results. We look forward to partnering with you in the next steps of your recruitment or career, do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any support.