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Top 5 ideas for recruiting in a tight market

  • Publish Date: Posted 4 months ago
  • Author:by Adam Stacey

When job markets are challenging, we must think differently about recruitment as trying the same methods will only yield the same results. It’s still a candidate-driven market and we can’t avoid the news feeds on talent shortages and numerous open vacancies; the charity and not-for-profit spaces are no different. Charisma is keen to support both clients and candidates alike, matching talented people to the organisation that is aligned to their values and skills.

Ensuring our clients identify people that are compatible with their organisation is central to serving your mission and beneficiaries. We occupy a unique position between candidates and clients which means we hear reasons why candidates go elsewhere. We also engage in an open dialogue with our clients when a vacancy is sat open for an extended period. This blog is aimed at helping our clients secure the people they need.

1) Be proactive

Challenging times call for thinking outside the box. You may well have approached a charity recruiter such as us at Charisma or published job ads on the usual boards but think about where your candidates hang out online. Are there fundraising groups across various social platforms that you could post in? Who across your team could share your job ad on LinkedIn or on their other personal pages?

2) Respond to candidates quickly

In this market, it is key that candidates are not kept dangling on whether they have been successful or not. They are usually going for more than one position and there is the danger that they will accept another offer within a day or so of having met you.

3) Engage with all stakeholders/decision-makers

There are key people involved in the recruitment of individuals that will support your cause so it’s essential they are involved right from the start and have interviews scheduled and time blocked out. Having to reschedule because a decision-maker is not free can mean losing out on candidates.

4) Be open

This is where our Charisma team can bring the most value and we will often suggest fishing in a pond that our clients may not have considered. It might be that a candidate has been dismissed too quickly when in fact considering different less obvious skills could be valuable to your organisation.

5) Think long-term

The continued success of your organisation means thinking about the long-term overall picture and building a recruitment pipeline. Often it could be that candidates don’t quite have the attributes needed for that role but there is something about them that is aligned to the values of your charity. Is there another area that you work in where they might fit better? Can you create a newsletter to keep candidates engaged or keep a list of individuals who have shown real interest in your mission on file?

Shaping your recruitment

I’m always happy to talk about your recruitment needs and how we might add value to your search, you can contact me or one of the team to arrange a no-obligation chat on 01962 813300 or by dropping us an email.