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Finding you the right people at the right time

Charisma recruitment consultants will support you to build your dream team across all departments of your charity or not-for-profit organisation.

Team recruitment

Your people are your biggest asset. When you’re building up your team, it’s vital you find candidates who not only match the experience and skills you need, but also fit in with your work culture, ethos, and values. Otherwise, you’ll be pulling in different directions and getting precisely nowhere.

We take the stress out of recruitment (as well as the workload) by pairing your organisation with a specialist consultant. Our team has worked with charities and non-profits for over twenty years, so we know how to make progress at pace, without compromising on quality.

Your experience with Charisma will be tailored to the way you work, so we always start by getting to know you. We’re so thorough it might feel like a mild interrogation. But it won’t take long, we promise. Once we’re well acquainted (friends, even) your dedicated consultant will develop a plan to find you the best possible candidates for your needs. If this sounds like your way of working, get in touch for a free consultation.


What Trinity House say:

"​Charisma were strongly recommended to us for their specialist insight in support of our recruitment of a new General Manager for our almshouses, and we were certainly not disappointed: they served us extremely well at every stage of the process. Our specialist consultant took time to learn about our organisation, listening carefully to our very specific requirements and tailoring the search accordingly.

The result of our collaboration was a strong pool of candidates that led to an exceptional appointment for us. I was impressed with our consultant's professional guidance throughout, from our first meeting to the interviews and their conclusion, and then on to some excellent after-care. I would recommend Charisma in their field without hesitation, particularly over others whose approach is more generalised."

Sector expertise

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Human resources
Marketing and communications
Projects and programmes
Hard to fill

Why Charisma?

We’ll find your perfect person
Decades of experience in the charity and not-for-profit sector means we can snout out talent like a pig snouts truffles. We’ll find candidates with the skills and experience you’re looking for, so you can get on with changing the world.
We care about our people
Our business is all about people, and our own lovely humans are Charisma’s biggest strength. We invest in their development because we want them to continue being industry leaders. And to keep them happy, naturally. We offer flexible working because when we’re at our best, we can help you do incredible things.
We keep our ears to the ground
We stay up-to-date with all the latest industry trends, developments and other goings-on to give you a full consultancy service. Nothing gets past us. So, we can advise on your legal and ethical duties, and also give you the heads up on what’s working (and what’s not) in the sector.
We care about all people
You can only be truly innovative when you’ve got a diverse workforce bringing unique perspectives to the work you do. We tear up the tick lists and reach out to a wide range of candidates, regardless of their background.
We partner with you
This isn’t a one-way thing. We work alongside you, get to know you, and learn how you work. That way, we can find the best candidates to match your unique needs. The end goal is to put your organisation in a stronger position; we meet you where you are now and go from there.
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