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A hire purpose: recruit candidates with a calling

Our experience serving faith-based organisations is unrivalled.

We preach what we practise

Faith-based organisations need recruiters who appreciate the higher purpose of your work.

Our consultants have an in-depth understanding of your unique needs and can consult on legal and ethical recruitment to roles where religion is an occupational requirement.

We understand your obstacles and opportunities because we’ve worked with faith-based organisations of all sizes - local to global - for decades. We don’t just work in faith as a sector; some of us live it as our daily truth.

Specialisms Faith

As our owner and MD Adam Stacey explains, “You could say I’m a ‘card carrying Christian’ because I’m a fully accredited Baptist Union of Great Britain minister, with experience as CEO and development director for faith-based organisations.

My faith is a vital and unwavering part of my own identity. It’s my moral compass, underpinning every decision I make. So I know how crucial it is for organisations to find people who understand the importance of their faith mission."

We have a further faith specialist consultant Nick Thomas, who has served in church leadership as an Assistant Pastor, worked in fundraising, and was centre manager of Christians Against Poverty in Southampton.

When we say we know how to support faith-based organisations, it’s because we’ve seen the inner workings, from grass roots up to the top level of management. Get in touch to explore how we can help.

Case Studies

Alive Church
Viva - Together For Children
Archdiocese of Birmingham

Why Charisma?

We’ll find your perfect person
Decades of experience in the charity and not-for-profit sector means we can snout out talent like a pig snouts truffles. We’ll find candidates with the skills and experience you’re looking for, so you can get on with changing the world.
We care about our people
Our business is all about people, and our own lovely humans are Charisma’s biggest strength. We invest in their development because we want them to continue being industry leaders. And to keep them happy, naturally. We offer flexible working because when we’re at our best, we can help you do incredible things.
We keep our ears to the ground
We stay up-to-date with all the latest industry trends, developments and other goings-on to give you a full consultancy service. Nothing gets past us. So, we can advise on your legal and ethical duties, and also give you the heads up on what’s working (and what’s not) in the sector.
We care about all people
You can only be truly innovative when you’ve got a diverse workforce bringing unique perspectives to the work you do. We tear up the tick lists and reach out to a wide range of candidates, regardless of their background.
We partner with you
This isn’t a one-way thing. We work alongside you, get to know you, and learn how you work. That way, we can find the best candidates to match your unique needs. The end goal is to put your organisation in a stronger position; we meet you where you are now and go from there.
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