Director/Head of

  • Permanent / Interim

  • £45,000 - £55,000

  • South West / Relocate

A highly experienced and confident senior leader, organisational development, operations, and change practitioner with a passion for positioning customers, key stakeholders and the organisation’s greatest assets, its people, and values, at the heart of everything they do. With a career and proven track across the commercial and third sectors, this candidate has a record of delivering continuous high performance and improvement; well accustomed to driving results through building collaborative relationships and promoting excellence to maximise both business and personal success.

Adept at working with executives, senior managers, key stakeholders, and individual contributors alike (staff and volunteers); a considered thought leader in terms of translating vision and strategic goals into organisational practice and behaviours. Experience in leading on the design and delivery of organisational and people strategy in multiple third sector organisations and the execution of a £27 million programme of work over 4 years to secure 10,000 roles for young people in the NHS and/or Health & Social Care.

They have delivered credible strategic and operational change options to provide a longer-term sustainable future for a £400k charitable organisation. This included partnering with a national bereavement charity to capitalise on economies of scale and so providing more efficient, cost effective and client centred services.

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