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Charisma supports networking event in Sheffield

We're looking forward to sponsoring an event next month in Sheffield, as part of our commitment to the region and sector. Find out about this special event and grab your FREE place by reading more...

In an increasingly online world, in-person networking is a powerful way to connect people, businesses and communities as a means to facilitate relationship building. The Charisma team will be supporting several networking events throughout 2024, the first one is particularly close to my heart, as it’s in my home city, Sheffield. To strengthen my commitment to the city and build on Charisma’s Associate Partnership with Sheffield United FC (up the Blades!) we will be sponsoring this event. 

In conjunction with Lucy Gower of the Lucidity network - a long-term partner, and associate of Charisma - and Jennifer McCanna, a leadership coach, on Thursday 29th February “How to work with the Tricky Person” is the first in the ‘Just One Thing’ networking series. Before we get into all the details, let’s look at what networking can do for you.


The Power of Networking

Networking to some degree is like a form of therapy or counselling (stay with me!) in that sometimes we need to get out of our way and out of our heads to find the solution for our organisations. Having a safe space where you can informally speak to people who either share the same interests as you or are in the same geographical location, can be very powerful. It’s often simply voicing the challenges and difficulties either within your business or as an individual that can help. When someone is standing in front of us, we benefit from not just what they say, but all the non-verbal cues that let us know they are interested and engaged. Quite often we find have experienced or shared the same challenges and better yet, they may have the answer or know someone who can help. In an online world, coupled with separation through locations or a lack of synergy through flexible working hours, it can be challenging to build strong working relationships.


Networking enables accessing solutions through a diversity of thought.


How to work with the Tricky Person

Whilst they are no strangers to networking events, this is the first time in Sheffield for a joint event between Jennifer and Lucy. Kicking off a series of networking events, ‘How to work with the tricky person’ is aimed at giving you some practical strategies you can apply. We’ve all encountered tricky people and what better way to navigate this than in a relaxed, welcoming environment courtesy of Lucidity and McCanna Coaching? 


Here’s what you come away with:


  • Understanding what gets in the way of building relationships and unlocking solutions.
  • Some tips to help you understand the tricky person and how you can help them understand you.
  • Practical strategies that you can start using straight away to improve working relationships.


Managing challenging relationships and engaging with your team is a vital part of developing your leadership skills. The Charisma team are proud to sponsor this event and I’ve even heard a rumour there will be drinks and nibbles. Sold! 


All joking aside, I am invested in the success of Sheffield and this event so have cleared my diary and am available for meetings on the 29 of February and the 1, 13, and 14 of March.


As sponsors of the event, we can also offer some FREE spots for this on a first-come, first-served basis. Please do contact me via LinkedIn if you want to take advantage of this. 

 Reserve your ticket for just £15 here.

Adam Stacey
Managing Director
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