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Charity team recruitment: how we help...

We don't just recruit trustees, CEOs and directors. We can help with fundraisers, marketeers, HR professionals and more.

It turns out Charisma has been keeping a secret. We don’t just recruit trustees trsutees, CEOs and directors of charities (though we do that quite well!).

We have always taken the same executive search approach to every role across the charity sector, but we haven’t been shouting enough about it. It takes a team to successfully run a charity and we’ve recruited for a full range of roles within that space. The overarching goal of a charity is to fund their mission, and therefore roles for individuals that head up charities and lead the fundraising strategy are always in high demand. 

But so many other individuals make up an effective charity and our highly skilled team drawn from a variety of backgrounds can help you recruit across other disciplines. Here are just some of the many areas that require people for a charity to run successfully:

  • Fundraising
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Programme delivery

There are so many layers of people who ensure a not-for-profit organisation runs effectively therefore the recruitment of these individuals is no less important than the trustees, directors, and fundraisers. The Charisma team can come alongside your organisation and support it in a non-exclusive way. We can carry out full market searches and our clients only pay a fee if they offer a role to one of our exceptional and capable charisma candidates.

Complex roles

Often, when we partner with charities, they require individuals to work on their more complex functions.


-        Charitable organisations must ensure transparency around not just funds, but tax and VAT. A legal team member may also handle enquiries around fundraising, data protection and partnerships.  We've even placed a lawyer with a charity.

-        Procurement

Not-for-profit procurement plays a very important role because the charity must balance its costs against maximising funds for its beneficiaries. In turn, a skilled procurement specialist will need to scrutinise suppliers to ensure their values and ethics align with those of their charity. 

-        Housing

Often a charitable organisation will have a housing element for their beneficiaries, and the management of this requires a skilled individual. Sadly, homelessness is still a huge problem in the UK charitable organisations will often recruit individuals who can support them with assessments and partner with outside organisations.

We're also consulant panel members of The Almshouse Association and undertake a lot of work in this space.

 The values and culture of a charitable organisation run through every single person involved. Simply put, it does take a team of individuals pulling in the same direction to produce the best outcomes for the beneficiaries.

Our process is to consult with our clients in the first instance and decide, which of our specialist consultants is the best fit for their unique needs. We have grown our team significantly in the last year so that we can match the right consultant to your charity and develop a strategy that can build your entire organisation.

Our thorough consultation process enables us to build a picture of your charity, so when you need a particular role filled, we already know your values and can marry skills and person fit. This groundwork we do at the start of our partnership in understanding your culture enables us to add value to the people already in place.

Have a gap in your charity? Come and have a chat with us and let us build a team for you.

Adam Stacey
Managing Director
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