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We're partnering with Global Connections to empower faith-based hiring!

Details of our new and exclusive partenrship with Global Connections that unlocks recruitment discounts for their members!

We at Charisma Charity Recruitment are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Global Connections (GC), a vibrant UK-based community of charities, churches, colleges, and individuals passionate about cross-cultural mission and inspiring Christians for impactful work.

This partnership bolsters one specialist area of our recruitment services, supporting faith-based organisations in their recruitment.

Finding the perfect fit for your mission

Finding the right talent can be a challenge for any organisation, but for faith-based ones, it's even more crucial. You need someone who aligns with your mission and values, someone who understands the "why" behind the work you do.

If you need to adopt a more targeted approach to your recruitment, that's where we come in.

Shared values, exceptional service

As part of this exciting new partnership, Global Connections members will now benefit from exclusive discounts on Charisma’s recruitment services.

We understand the unique needs of faith-based organisations because we've been working with them for decades, across all sizes and locations.

The Charisma team doesn't just have experience in the faith-based sector; many of them actively live out their faith. I served as a fully accredited Baptist minister for nearly 20 years and have extensive experience leading faith-based organisations. I understand first-hand the importance of finding individuals who share your mission's core values.

Dedicated Faith Specialists

Alongside me, Charisma boasts a further dedicated faith specialist consultant, Nick Thomas. Nick's background includes church leadership, fundraising, and managing Christians Against Poverty in Southampton. This depth of experience allows Nick and the team to truly understand the inner workings of faith-based organisations, from the ground up.

Partnering for success

Through this partnership Global Connections are excited to support and equip their members if they need to add an extra dimension to their recruitment process.

Here at Charisma, we're delighted to partner with Global Connections. This collaboration allows us to serve an incredible community of mission-driven charities even better. By leveraging our combined expertise, we can ensure Christian organisations find the talent they need to make a real difference in their communities and the world.

Global Connections members can follow this link to arrange a no-obligation chat with Adam or Nick.

Adam Stacey
Managing Director
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