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Unlock your charity's hiring potential with a recruitment specialist

Why use a recruiter?

Successful recruitment has many facets. It begins with creating a job description that meets organisational needs and accurately describes the day-to-day activity of the potential employee. Then comes writing an attractive job spec, ensuring it is inclusive, considering where you place your adverts, how you search for talent and of course planning the interview process.

Often organisations believe they can manage all this in-house, but this can end up wasting both time and money when they don’t manage to fill vacancies because they lack the specific knowledge to develop a focused recruitment strategy.

It is not just about attracting new talent, as a well-conceived recruitment process that aligns with your business strategy can improve employee satisfaction and helps to increase employee retention. 

Talent shortage

The skill shortage is a long way from being over and recent job market stats indicate there are plenty of vacancies to fill. This makes for a competitive recruitment environment and organisations that have poorly thought-out recruitment processes, are slow to react and lack communication miss out on strong candidates. It is critical therefore that organisations develop a robust recruitment strategy built with specialist input. Building this strategy can be difficult in organisations where roles tend to open only occasionally or have limited HR support, which means recruitment isn’t part of their day-to-day activity. The individuals who have identified recruitment requirements within an organisation are not necessarily the best placed to conceive a recruitment strategy.

Developing a recruitment process with you

There are several reasons why organisations tend to come to specialist recruiters like Charisma. Often it is because they have tried to recruit directly without success. With the right kind of input, using a recruitment consultancy can really help roles to stand out because it indicates that charities and not-for-profits have invested in their recruitment process and shown a commitment to growth.

We also aim to build relationships with these organisations and help show them how to build a strategy that engages their candidates sufficiently. Because we spend every single day recruiting, we have developed a process that captures the talent and ensures the roles stand out in a competitive market.

With a 98% placement record on exclusive recruitment campaigns in 2022, the success of our recruitment process is in the numbers.

We’re here to help ensure you have everything you need to compete in the job market and attract the right kind of talent to move your organisation forward. When we work exclusively with a charity, our ethos at Charisma is to keep going until we have found a suitable candidate. We have a committed, tenacious team who do not throw the towel in until the role is filled; simply put in our sector we are the experts in finding, screening and attracting talent. Working with us has these benefits:

  • Access to a wide network of active candidates

  • A strong understanding of the charity sector

  • We’ll save you and your team considerable amounts of time

  • Filling roles with quality candidates

  • Help you stand out in a crowded recruitment marketplace

When organisations hand over the entire recruitment process from advertising, and CV review to interviewing candidates in collaboration with hiring managers, they can develop a robust and intuitive process and help their roles stand out from the rest.

Shaping your recruitment

I’m always happy to talk about your recruitment needs and how we might add value to your search, you can contact me or one of the team to arrange a no-obligation chat on 01962 813300 or by dropping us an email.

Adam Stacey
Managing Director
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